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The Love Calendar is finally here.

How many things go unsaid in a love? We rely on three words to do the heavy lifting, when really it’s a million tiny moments that make up what we mean when we say, I love you. This calendar is a place to store them for safekeeping.

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How we live is what we leave.


For years, work has been the thing we do in a cubicle, under fluorescent lights, from nine until five, away from our families.

It has meant spending our precious days building a vision not our own.

It has meant hierarchy — a triangle pointing up, a structure of power trickling down, barely reaching the bottom.

It has meant cultivating our talents, shaping ourselves into skilled foot soldiers, who march toward someone else’s dream, building another’s vision of Rome and leaving ours far behind.

We have been grateful for the direct deposit every two weeks, the health insurance, the 401k contributions.

But I’d like to invite us to consider the consequence of lingering in this zone of perceived safety. The consequence, as I see it, is this: that a select few people — historically speaking, primarily straight, white men — have determined what our world looks like.

Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Travis Kalanick, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Elon Musk… These men have determined the form and function of the technology that shapes our lives and the brands that color our experience of it.

They determined how we travel (and therefore how travel impacts our planet), how we purchase products (and from whom), how we stay connected to one another (and how much of our days are dedicated to making sure we are, in fact, connected), how we are entertained (and which stories are deemed worthy of entertainment.)

When you start a company, you have the potential to shape the planet and the way we live on it.

You have the ability to alleviate human suffering or amplify it, to build things that connect us in a space of love or things that further divide us.

When you start a company, you have a hand in designing the future. It’s not just the business owners who have this impact. So too do the politicians, the poets, the directors, the novelists, the activists, the scientists.

So too does anyone who dares to say – here is my offering toward a brighter future for us all.


 A looking glass of legacy and love.

©   Bree McCool   , 2018

© Bree McCool, 2018



Bringing us back
to ourselves and each other.

We live in an era of detachment. Not long ago, society was centered around the office and the church. But these days we’re building businesses from home, spending our days in the seclusion of our home studios. We no longer have spaces to be with our people in a regular and expected way. In the absence of that, we move through the world feeling siloed and disconnected from each other and also, sometimes, from ourselves. 

We hope to make spaces that bring us back together.


Everything upcoming . . .

This September we’re hosting our weekly circles for entrepreneurs in Venice. And then, we have another series of Art Sessions beginning in collaboration with Naomi Hudson-Knapp just as summer turns to fall.

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