© Tim Hennessy,  Slow Content Studio

© Tim Hennessy, Slow Content Studio


About Pete, from Chelsea:

Pete is a philosopher at heart, though he’d never say so himself. He has a PhD in Higher Education from UCLA, where he is teaching a seminar on Rewilding. He is silly, when he feels at home. He makes pizza that rivals my grandmother’s and enough kimchi to fill our fridge. He is happiest when he’s outdoors, moving his body. He teaches himself things, hard things, because he likes the puzzle of it. He appreciates the objectively best idea. He brings all the wit and sass. When we started dating he had just come home from a semester in Japan and spoke Japanese to me constantly, though I had no idea what he was saying. He taught me about Buddhism and Taoism late one night when we were in undergrad. He loves playing soccer, tinkering on our bus Rio, and DJing danceparties. He is my home.

About Chelsea, from Pete:

Chelsea is a writer. In her spare time she is a yogi, dancer, prancer, sunbather, and bubble-bather. She loves candles. Rain. Books. Company. She has a strong spirit. I have seen her haggle down the price of a 75 cent matchbox, because she did not want the matches inside. She has a laugh that erupts from the depths of her soul, which I live for. Three years ago she founded an independent magazine for creative entrepreneurs, around which she gathered a beautiful, thoughtful, and vibrant community.  Chelsea has taught me the value of connection to people and to place. The path to her heart begins with a cup of tea and the phrase, “What if…”