Eredità Love Calendar

Eredità Love Calendar


How many things go unsaid in a love?
We rely on three words to do the heavy lifting,
when really it’s a million tiny moments
that make up what we mean when we say,
I love you.

This calendar is a place to store them for safekeeping.
Each day, you’ll write one reason you love one another,
one perfect moment you don’t want to forget,
or one gratitude that may otherwise go unsaid.

The whole month long you’ll keep your pages a secret.
After each box has been filled, you’ll exchange calendars,
giving your partner the gift of seeing your life together through your eyes.

Then, you’ll tuck these pages between the books on your shelf,
so you can return to them for years to come.

Chelsea & Pete

Details  —
Includes two calendar pages and a note detailing the practice, enclosed in an elegant vellum envelope with an angled flap and gold foil details. Each piece was letterpress printed in California in collaboration with our friend, Alissa Bell. 

Size —
10.25 x 7.5 in.