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Midland School Boys, 2019,  shot by Grey & Elle for Eredit à

Midland School Boys, 2019, shot by Grey & Elle for Eredità

Midland School

A photo-documentary project

In the spring of 2019, the Midland School in Los Olivos, California brought us on to help tell the story of their campus through visuals.

We spent a day with the Midland students, following them from class in their three-walled classroom to lunch, where the tables were dotted with wildflowers.

In the afternoon we watched two young women groom and train a horse, and we found ourselves in the middle of a water-fight on the boys’ side of campus — and then another on the girls’.

We watched students chop wood to fuel the fire that would warm their evening showers, and we witnessed the kind of presence and friendship that is possible between teenagers who don’t have a phone in their hands.

Midland is a place of magic. Thank you to Shona, Cierra, and the Midland team for inviting us in to capture it all.

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Midland School Girls, 2019,  shot by Grey & Elle for Eredit à

Midland School Girls, 2019, shot by Grey & Elle for Eredità


extend fertIlity

Instagram strategy & visual storytelling

The NYC-based leader in egg freezing, Extend Fertility, brought us on to develop and implement a new strategy for Instagram. Our goals were three-fold: 1) elevate the brand’s aesthetic — both visually and linguistically 2) address questions about fertility and egg-freezing with clarity, compassion, and evidence-based information and 3) ensure that it was simple for people to find additional information and next steps to embark on their egg freezing journey.

We created several new content categories for Extend including: Ask Kristen, a series providing answers to fertility-related questions and Why We Extend, a series sharing the multitude of reasons women freeze their eggs. We then brought Grey & Elle on to create conceptual visuals exploring the passage of time, an opaque view of the future, and the egg-freezing process itself.

photograph by Grey & Elle

photograph by Grey & Elle

fireside chats

a series of gatherings

Throughout 2017, we hosted a monthly Fireside Chat at the Parachute Hotel in Venice, California in collaboration with our friend, photographer Marisa Vitale. On Sunday evenings, we’d pour glasses of wine for our guests and sit down with an entrepreneur for an intimate conversation about her journey.

This series culminated with a retreat at a Malibu estate, where we held discussions with the brilliant and lovely women behind Cuyana, Time Inc., Jeni’s Ice Cream, The Class by Taryn Toomey, True Botanicals, and Matte Black.

As our guests arrived, the mountains were obscured by fog, making our gathering space in the living room even cozier. By afternoon, it had all burned off; the sun was sparkling, and we could see all the way to the Pacific. We had a couple play acoustic music for us during lunchtime, and we closed the afternoon with a group meditation. It was the perfect day.

Watch a short film about the event by our friends Kofa and Chad.

Blue Sky Black Sheep website, designed by Alex Cohen
Blue Sky Black Sheep website, designed by Alex Cohen

Blue sky black sheep

creating a digital nook for love & possibility

Two years ago I met Kim Agnew at one of our Fireside Chats. She sat in the front row in a bright white button up with her collar popped. So elegant. So cool. During introductions, she said she’d spent her career at Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren and then she’d left corporate work to start Blue Sky Black Sheep, a creative consultancy and publishing house. I wanted to stop the whole event right there and just go sit next to Kim and hear all her stories, but alas, I was on the stage and the audience was waiting for me to ask questions of our guests.

A few months later, Kim walked into one of our circles in Venice, and, frankly, nothing has been the same since. She has become a dear friend, a trusted mentor, and one of my very favorite people to scheme with.

When Kim and her partner Jillian asked for my help creating their new website, I jumped at the chance. I worked with them to determine what wanted to be said on the site and how we might want to frame it. Then I sat down with Kim’s son and the Head Designer of Blue Sky, Alex Cohen, to sketch out what the site’s architecture might look like. I project managed the build-out with their developer and helped set up the site systems, so Kim and Jillian could start using it to share their Writing Groups and Love Letter publication.

Stay tuned for more collaborative projects between Eredità and Blue Sky. We have some very special things in the works.

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