Creatives —

These are the people that we have either worked with on past projects or want to work with on future ones.
They are committed to their craft and bring nothing but heart. 
Everyone is based in Los Angeles, unless stated otherwise. 

— Business Consultants: 
Blue Sky Black Sheep, Creative Consulting for Visionaries
Chris Shreiber, Business Plan Strategy and Operational Consulting
Holly Howard, Business Consultant (NY) 

— Graphic Designers:
Lisa Hennessy, Creative Director and Graphic Designer
Jessica Comingore, Brand Identity Design (OR) 
Alex Cohen, Brand Identity Design (Paris)
Kadie Smith, Publication Design / Brand Identity Design (MT) 
Jen Peters, Brand Identity Design / Illustrator 
Katie Forner, Brand Identity / Publication Design     

Photographers / Filmmakers: 
Grey & Elle, Visual Studio: Fashion and Product Photography / Set Design
Slow Content Studio, Videography / Filmmakers
Paradiise, Videography / Filmmakers
Bonnie Tsang, Art Direction / Photography
Marisa Vitale, Interior Photography
Nicki Sebastian, Lifestyle, Brand, and Family Photography

(There are a dozen other photographers we could recommend as well. If you don’t see exactly the aesthetic that you’re looking for, reach out and we can help you find the right person.) 

— Heath, Healing, Wellness 
Erica Chidi Cohen, Doula 
Jenna Reiss, Breathwork Coach
Gwen Dittmar, Coach and Breathwork Healer
Sarah D’Andrea, Sex Coach
Katya Mosely, Acupuncturist 
Jamie Brooks, Therapist
Dr. Christian Gonzalez, Naturopathic Doctor
Kristen Mancinelli, Dietitian (NY)  

— Printing / Letterpress
Alissa Bell, Letterpress Printing (Carmel)
Venamour, Letterpress Printing (NY)

— Private Chef
Salima Saunders, Private Chef for Retreats / Nutritionist
Amanda Ramirez, Private Chef / Nutritional Therapy
Annie Hauser, Private Chef (Nantucket and LA)
Heng Ou, Motherbees, Nutritional Food Delivery for new mothers

— Miscellaneous 
Sara Karkenny, Interior Designer (Residential and Commercial) 
Jackie Freed,  Real Estate Agent 
Claire Van Holland, Accountant
Paco deLeon, Accountant
Baily Hancock, Collaboration Consultant
Sara Weinreb, Copywriter (CO)
Grant Atkinson, Lawyer